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Why AdsQlar?

We are a team of Online Marketing experts, who are crazy about data, analytics & performance. We believe in a data driven & analytical approach. We will help you create, grow and scale up your business by creating a strategy, backed by data, that will help your brand stand out from the crowd.


We begin with detailed comprehensive marketing audit, research on competitors, industry leaders, extract insights from shopify & GA, analyse the pain points for the brand.


Enhance design for performance, customise a plan of action unique to your brand identity, which is backed by data & analytics.


Now it's time to perform, show profitable growth, scale on & create milestones!

Our Services

Meta Ads

We use the latest features of Meta to stay ahead of this competitive market, by using ever-winning strategies, tried and tested audiences, & scale sustainably.

Google Ads

We use Google to not only improve your rankings but also your revenues, using the most appropriate Keywords, optimize your content, automate targeted bidding and compare your performance to that of competitors.


We help you improve your Google rankings by increasing the quality traffic to your website.

Website Development

We help you create your website by providing SEO-friendly content, which would help you improve your search engine rankings. Along with providing the best and unique design that would fit your brand motto the best.

Social Media Marketing

We help brands by creating memorable social media experiences for their audiences, that helps in brand-building along with awareness.

Let the numbers speak


Women's Apparel brand | Generated ₹44Lakhs Revenue | only with Meta ads | ROAS above 4x

Apparel brand | Generated ₹14Lakhs in a month | ROAS above 4x

Happy clients with 1 Cr and 5Lakhs revenue from jewellery & apparel niche

Jewellery Brand | Generated above ₹31Lakhs in a month | Spend around ₹3Lakhs | ROAS above 10x

FMCG brand | Reduced CPA from ₹600 to ₹400 in a month | ROAS above 3.7x

Achieved target of $92k & $8k for the respective clients

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